Access Marketing Training Course

30 Day Certificaton For Enterprise Marketing Leadership

Learn About Conversion Marketing: Technology & Processes For Enterprise Teams

  • Conversion Marketing As A Business Case  
  • The Digital Go-To-Market
  • Marketing Technology In 2019
  • A Brief History Of Digital Marketing
  • The Marketing Technology Stack
  • Finding Market-Product-FIt
  • Conversion Marketing As A Process
  • Converting Marketing Into Sales  

First Week's Lectures:

Me, Arash Amini, at a proof-of-concept indoor farm I designed and built in 2017.

I've been applying the tools of the physics world to the data rich chaos of the digital marketing industry.  

Because of that unique approach, my results have consistently been 5x-10x average.

Learn to see the marketing data thru the eyes of a physicist, see the patterns thru the noise. And lead your team to market!

The advertising industry is fucked up and broken. Conversion Marketing puts the power to "sell at scale" back into the hands of the business owners and their marketing team.