Digital Marketing Is Too Complex

Today there is over 1 * 10^15 Possibilities When Creating A Marketing Technology Stack

Too Many Choices

In 2017, there are over 5,000 marketing technologies available. But choosing just one doesn’t really cut it, it’s all about the integration of best in bread marketing technologies across the entire digital customer journey. And often every software piece is over bloated with features and lacking the cross functionality needed. Thus most high performing digital marketers integrate the best technologies in the following disciplines: search engine marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

In reality, it’s far more important to create a single customer journey across each of the above disciplines. This key insight was one of the core “axioms” that become the JetEngine Marketing Process and will be explored through out this book. For now, it’s important to realize the way digital marketing has been done in the past so that we can see the context of the problem this book addresses.

Connecting The Silos

In the JEM Process, each of the above disciplines (sometimes called marketing silos) are sequential steps in a single experiences. And each of these steps requires its own considerations and through the years of constant A/B testing by thousands of marketers across thousands of companies has created measurable trends that have been proven to statistically provide better results. Looking at the data from a different perspective, I theorized that this is due to the fact the average user is ultimately navigating the same human psychological factors and user experience in general.

Thus an idealized digital customer journey starts with a pay-per-click ad (search engine marketing), which advertises a valuable pieces of engaging content (content marketing), so when the user clicks they are taken to a page with copy and offers that convert that traffic into an email (search engine optimization marketing), then those users receive automated emails that ultimately sell the end good/service (email marketing).

Marketing Stacks

So, when when Modern Marketers want to build a system of technologies that guide people thru a seamless experience, they tend to “stack” these marketing technologies such that they handle the digital customer experience in a sequential manner. These “Marketing Stacks” are present in every single business, however most companies don’t even know it, and fewer less spend resources optimizing theirs. This is the meaning behind the term “full stack marketer” used to describe people who can operate all the various pieces of a modern marketing stack.

This is perhaps a good time to introduce the concept of the JEM Process; as they are represent both the steps in the digital customer journey and the different types of marketing technologies every marketing stack needs. In the JEM model, search engine marketing refers to an “ads management systems” that is the “intake” stage of a jet engine. Next in the JEM Model, content marketing represents refers to a “content management system” that is the “compression” stage of the jet engine. This stage acts to compress the traffic to find those that actually care to consume it. Then search engine marketing is used to convert that compressed traffic with the right copy and offers to create an email list. Finally those opt ins are sent sales emails using an “email management system” and email marketing. Finally there’s an attribution piece that monitors the results of every piece and gives the operator a clear sense of costs and results.

The Devil’s In The Combinations

The greatest challenge Modern Marketers have is in choosing the right combination of systems so as to a) be able to measure the entire process, end-to-end, and b) make sure each piece integrates flawlessly with every other. This makes the options available even larger because it’s actually the combination of the 5 stages of the marketing stack that one actually has to choose, as it’s more like 1,000 X 1,000 X 1,000 X 1,000 X 1,000 = 1,000,000,000,000,000, possible Marketing Stacks in 2017!

Which is why Modern Marketing is too complex to work on the first try.

Arash Amini

Founder of JetEngine Marketing

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