It’s Not Fully Formed, But It’s Coming

Tho the New Economy has not yet fully developed, it’s on its way. It is currently in birth, as if in the cocoon of a butterfly. Shifting from one form to another, it is moving thru phases of the ambiguous goo that’s in between. We’re in that phase, neither here nor there. Not yet a caterpillar, nor a butterfly, today’s generation is the one feeling that agony from the global economic metamorphosis we’re currently fully engulfed in.

The Old Economy was based on physical assets, low wages, little risk tolerance, and geographic immobility. It got us to this point, and thus we should never hate it- as we should never fully loathe that which made us who we are. But we must, as the planet’s finite resources are dictating, take the good and ditch the bad. In fact, not only do we need to innovate a new economy in real time, we must solve that most pressing challenge in order to avoid the otherwise certain doom that would meet us if we did nothing.

I’m not here to ring that bell because the alarm is already tolling; and if you can’t hear it, this book is not for you. But for the rest of us who can feel the ground beginning to rumble under our feet, dare I say that our time is finally here. We (those who have actively been building the “New Economy”) have felt the tremors for some time.

As anyone can turn on any major news outlet, watch any documentary, or listen to most any philosopher of our time, you know the problems well. Instead, I write this book for those of us who seek actual solutions to those problems- those of us who are action-oriented, who have great ideas, but might not know exactly how to get those solutions to market.

This book, in particular is made for 2 types of people: those who have great ideas and need to get them to market, and those who are in positions at great companies and understand that the market has measurably shifted; and thus so too must their marketing efforts.

Taking a look at the recent US Presidential elections, we can clearly see a shift of massive proportions- as those who feel left behind in the Old Economy no longer care about much else beyond a good salary. Not what our President says, not what he implies, nothing. Just as long as they get a shot at what those of us in the New Economy enjoy with little second thought; like enough cashflow to pay for PostMates, Uber, or AirBnB.

These voters didn’t want what the last generation of voters wanted like a smiling politician that tells us what we want to hear. Yet as the situation is so new, they may not even know what they do actually want. But they do know what they don’t want- and that is the same old. So this book is here to illuminate what is coming down the pike thru the exercise in understanding what is currently forming.

My thesis is simple: the New Economy is not yet here but is based on several core tenants:

  • Purpose
  • Freedom
  • Exploration

Purpose denotes the deep seeded feeling of meaning in our lives. That which we can’t quite point to, but makes us feel alive. It’s what Jordan Peterson would describe as something like creating order from chaos, what Joe Rogan might call being the hero of your own movie, or what Joko Wilek might describe as getting after it. The purpose of your life sets its tone, the maximum height you can achieve, and the north start against which you will measure all your successes and failures.

Freedom is more than having choices. It is the ability to create your own path when it doesn’t exist. This has often been linked to “financial freedom,” or being “independently wealthy.” To be able to do what you please when you please. However, this has historically taken a great deal of trouble, for in order to create the wealth needed (in the Old Economy) to create the cashflow that would grant one “financial independence,” one would have to create a large enterprise with years of trailing revenues. However, in doing so, one would have to give up the experiences and personality traits that might hinder such a pursuit. That is no longer the case in the New Economy, where you can choose where to live and what you’d like to do, if only you know how make money remotely.

Exploration is more than just being creative, it is having the courage to face the unknown and the self esteem to know you can create a viable solution where non exists. It’s the ultimate rush and hits us at our DNA. Exploration allows us to practice what it means to be human; alive, brave, creative, and above all, just. When we explore, we can either conquer or cultivate, and in the New Economy, we must cultivate new opportunities so that they both provide new ones for us and for those behind us; for only in sharing what we discover can we become economically vibrant in the New Economy, thus fueling our own self interests and further enabling our success in the future.

Arash Amini

Founder of JetEngine Marketing

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